Monday, February 15, 2010

Pet Product Review: Sill Shield Window Sill Protector

"Ooooh, there a car! Ooooh, there goes another car! OMG HERE COMES MOM AND DAD!!!"

While we can only guess what's going through our dogs' minds, we do know that they love looking out windows -- and in the process, can slowly destroy the window ledge with dirty paw prints and scratches.

Enter the Sill Shield. As its Web site notes, Sill Shield is a PVC slat similar in texture to outdoor siding, designed to protect your window sills. Fastened with stickers -- specifically 3M Dual Lock Velcro Coins, which are included -- it supposedly won't show wear and tear.

That's all fine and good, but would they be able to withstand Pippi, my friend's highly-energetic dalmatian/German shorthaired pointer mix?

The manufacturer offers Sill Shields in a variety of widths and depths, as well as custom trimming or notching. (All of the windows in Pippi's apartment were covered by the standard sizing.) Pippi's mom ordered a white one -- they also come in clear -- and placed it beneath the front window. It took only a couple of minutes to attach and blended in perfectly with the sill, which is also white. Most importantly, it easily withstood Pippi's assault. After about ten days of use it looks pretty much like it did on day one.

Is it worth it? Serious do-it-yourself types might be able to create something similar from parts at their local hardware store, saving themselves $12.95 per sill plus shipping prices that can cost up to $15 per order if you live on the west coast. But to the rest of us, the Sill Shield is a quick and effective solution to a perennial problem. The company also offers a "Door Shield," to keep dogs from scratching up doors.

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